There's a nice tavern down in the Financial District called Ulysses'. A very popular place, especially in the summer time when the party spills out onto the street.

It has a nice James Joyce theme. It opened on Bloomsday 99 (6/16/2003) and the final words of Molly Bloom's soliloquoy ( and the final words of Ulysses ) appear on the beer mat below, along with an iconic silhoutte of Joyce himself. The website is even more Joycean, with a photo montage that includes a list of the novel's chapters. Note the image of the Martello Tower just above Joyce's hat.

Regardless of whether many of the patrons get ( or even notice ) the literary references, I wonder what Joyce himself would think of becoming a commercial touchstone for the urban American drinking class. I think he'd be amused. As long as there were licensing fees involved.