We picked these up at the Godiva store at Woodbury Commons. It was a little dissappointing, we expected an outlet store to have a better selection. Thus far, The Godiva at Roosevelt Field has the best selection we've seen.

At $3 a piece ( and 3 for $10 !? I guess the fancy wrapping that the 3 pack comes in costs something ) they are pricey for what is basically a glorified Mounds bar. But they are Godiva and they are good. We all agreed that the white chocolate was best by far. Something about coconut and white chocolate that really go well together. The Milk Chocolate was Snackette's number 2 ( but she doesn't really like Dark Chocolate). Madame Z and I liked the Dark much better than the Milk. Our thinking was that the Milk and Dark both clash with the macaroon, but the Milk was too mild to contribute much to the mix. The Dark was strong enough. The White is a different dynamic entirely, and not just in this instance. We've tried coconut and white chocolate in a number of different items and each time it is something special.

With Passover coming towards the end of Candy Season, and macaroons being so popular at that time, these could make a very nice gift BUT, while Godiva does sell some kosher candies, I have no idea if THESE items are kosher. So be careful.